Friday, November 20, 2015

Making Connections

This has been a busy week! Yesterday I received my contributor's copy of Belle Armoire Jewely. This is a particularly beautiful issue, with lots of varied and wonderful work. I have one article in there this time, entitled "All About Color." I always feel so fortunate when they choose my work for Belle Armoire Jewelry. Here are my earrings from this issue:

All About Color Earrings

I taught a class at The Artist's Clubhouse in Conway last Saturday. We made two different kinds of ornaments, using bullet and shotgun shell casings. These are my friend Tracy's ornaments from my class:

Tracy's Ornaments

Last week was about making new things using the forms I like to use... pushing the envelope. This week has been about making wire links and connections. After teaching my class, I spent the rest of the week concentrating on making chains and links. I made four simple sets, each with a different color theme. I made some of the links that are featured in Cindy Wimmer's wonderful book "The Missing Link." The others are just variations of the links and connections I've learned to make over the years. 

While I was going through some unsorted beads, I found a handful of handmade charms, mostly made by me. At first I thought they would look nice on a bracelet, but as I laid them out on the table I decided they would make a nice charm necklace instead.

Charm Necklace

The central chain is from the book "The Missing Link." The soft leather cord is attached to the rings with simple lark's head knots, and then I wire-wrapped the ends and attached a handmade wire clasp. I made all of the charms with the exception of the two enameled sticks. Those were make by Kim from Numinosity Beads. Kim makes wonderful beads.

Here are the sets I made over the course of the week:

Copper Wire Set In Blue

Copper Wire Bracelet

Copper Wire Set In Green

Copper Wire Necklace - Detail

Copper Wire Bracelet In Green

Copper Wire Set In Purple

Copper Wire Necklace - Detail

Copper Wire Bracelet In Purple

Silver Plated Wire Necklace Set - Beach Themed

I used some of those shells I drilled last week. I actually crocheted all of the little white strands, using very fine crochet thread.

Detail - Crocheted Thread And Silver-plated Wire Links

Silver Plated Wire Necklace - Detail

Silver Plated Wire Bracelet

Silver-plated Wire Beach-themed Earrings

My entire week was spent making wire connections, all different kinds. I always want my work to be improving. I find that if I concentrate on one single specific task over the course of an entire week, my skills build, and then I am able to bring those skills forward into the following week. There is always so much to learn.

Next post is going to be all about using vintage filigree in all different ways.

Until next time!

Leaving you with this quote:

"Eventually everything connects - people, ideas, objects. The quality of the connections is the key to quality per se." - Charles Eames

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