Tuesday, October 13, 2015


I don't think I actually made one thing a day. Honestly it felt like a lot more, but sure enough, my last post was 10 days ago, and here are the things I made.

In my last post I finished by showing a really simple triple-wrap assemblage necklace that I made from my "bits and pieces" bin. I had a really fun time making it, so I decided to make a few bits and pieces assemblage braclelets.

My Garden Dreams Of Spring

The Heart Of The Matter

The Heart Of Elegance

Catching Fireflies In A Jar

The Copper Promise

Then I made a series of cathedral arch pieces, using reclaimed brass from an old lamp. I worked on each piece for several days.

Bebe Cathedral Arch Bracelet

Cathedral Arch Bracelet, Crocheted, Torched, and Riveted

This photo shows the true color a little better than the other one

Cathedral Arch Series Earrings (made with antique French infant crucifixes)

Detail of Cathedral Arch Necklace

Then finally, I fabricated these 5 bracelets out of copper and brass sheet metal:

The bracelets started out as bangles, but the forms began to bore me to tears, so I cut them apart and started over again! I do that all the time. I have to remind myself that if I just keep working at it, something nice will appear in the end.

I'm already working on projects for next time!

Leaving you with this quote:

"To draw, you must close your eyes and sing." Pablo Picasso said that. I think it's a beautiful quote.

Until next time!

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  1. I always have the hardest time choosing which are my favorites so I have decided to stop trying to choose. I am just going to enjoy them all...like children, they each have qualities that make them special and unique. You had a very productive 10 days! Beautiful pieces, as always!