Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Before-The-End- Of-The-Year Resolutions

Do you have something that you KNOW you should be doing, but are dragging your feet about it? My big areas of procrastination have been getting inventory back into my etsy store, and reorganizing my studio, to make it more efficient. Lately it seems like I've been stretched so thin, and for some reason keeping my etsy shop full and my studio organized have both completely fallen by the wayside. Here are my before-the-end-of-the-year resolutions: I will start filling my etsy shop with the pieces that come back from being published, and I will start organizing my studio. There. I've put it on my blog, so I have some sort of accountability now. Right?

Today I listed this bracelet:

It came back from Jewelry Affaire, along with a few other pieces, and I'll be listing them over the course of the next few days, as time allows. 

I also had three articles published in GreenCraft Magazine and one in Somerset Studio, which was a happy surprise!

Above: My Christmas ornaments, made from repurposed bullet shell cashings, salvaged tin, and chandelier crystals made the cover of GreenCraft this month! I am very excited about that.

They also published my article about broken key jewelry:

... and another article featuring these pieces, made from recycled egg cartons:

Eventually I'll get all of these into my shop!

In the mean time, I am beginning that daunting task of re-organizing my studio yet again.  Here are some progress shots:



I'm determined to get my studio back in order. Tidiness is such a huge struggle for me. Sigh. Mr. Bees is a saint for putting up with it!

Leaving you with this (very appropriate) quote:

"Clutter is not just the stuff on your floor - it's anything that stands between you and the life you want to be living."

-Peter Walsh

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  1. Congrats not only on all of your published articles but on making the cover! Woohoo-that's Wonderful! Happy organizing and listing. Um those two things can be happy, right? Lol. Hoping it all proceeds exactly as you want it to.